Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Managing weight effectively begins with understanding the cause. There are many factors involved in weight gain including your genes, your physiology, your psychology and your lifestyle/environment

  1. Genetics 40-70%
    • The genes you inherit from your family are the greatest factor in your weight. Genes not only determine your body type but also your weight set point – a weight which your body will try to defend
  2. Physiology
    • Gut hormones such as ghrelin and leptin are involved in control of feelings of hunger and sensations of fullness. The circulating levels of these and many other hormones affect the amount of food you eat
  3. Psychology
    • Mental health, emotions and stress can affect your hunger, appetite and weight
  4. Lifestyle/Environment
    • Your surroundings including availability of energy dense and highly processed foods such as fast food can negatively affect your weight. Other lifestyle habits including television/screen time, outdoor activities, and the urban environment and infrastructure can contribute to your weight
How do I make an appointment?

Call OHWC on 02 5335 6565 or email for more information.

Do I need a referral?

No, as the doctors at OWHC are general practitioners you do not need a referral. Although it is often helpful to talk to your regular GP about your upcoming appointment. It is helpful to provide the clinic with an updated health summary of your medical conditions and regular medications to ensure that all aspects of your health are considered. It can also be helpful to provide the clinic with any recent investigations.

What are the fees?
   Duration Fee *^ Rebate Out of pocket
Initial visit 45-75 mins $300 $118 $182
Long consult 20-30 mins $150 $80.10 $69.90
Standard consult 10-15 mins $90 $41.40 $48.60
$10 discount HCC/Pension card holder

* Full amount payable on the day of your consult.
^ Booking/cancelation fee may apply

Do I need to do anything before my first appointment?

Before your first appointment it is advisable that you talk to your GP and get a recent health summary and copy of recent investigations. Prior to your appointment, please fill in a new patient form available here or at the office and drop this and the health summary and investigation to the office a few days before your appointment so that the doctors and nurses can properly prepare for your consult.

How often do I need to see the doctor?

Often it is useful to see the doctor weekly or fortnightly as you begin your healthy weight journey. Once you feel comfortable with the program the reviews will become less frequent

Is Telehealth available?

Of course, at OHWC we want to make your weight journey as easy and convenient as possible. Consultations can be conducted via video or telehealth, please notify the office if you would like this. The consultation fees for vide/telehealth and face to face appointment are the same.

Note: Medicare rebates are only applicable if you have been seen in the clinic, face to face in the past 12 months.

Will I feel hungry on the program?

No, the benefit of the dietary advice at OHWC is that it focuses on transforming your body into a fat burning machine. When your body is burning fat rather than carbohydrates your appetite is naturally suppressed, which means your hunger is reduced. Also, some of the medication which are recommended also act directly to suppress your appetite. When your appetite is suppressed, achieving your goals is easier and more achievable.

I am not a very good cook, are the recipes hard to follow?

Not at all. Each diet plan includes simple recipes that are easy to follow and delicious. Each recipe is nutritionally balanced and includes a breakdown of the calories, fat, carbohydrate and protein components. This makes it easy to ensure that you are meeting your nutritional needs.

Click here to view an example of a recipe.

I don’t like to exercise; can I still participate in the clinic?

Of course, you can be part of the clinic if you don’t like to exercise. At OHWC we appreciate that intense exercise is not for everyone, but we do recommend keeping active. This can be achieved in many ways including regular walking or utilising the exercise advice and videos on the Valita App.

What is Alevia and the Valita App?

Alevia is a medical weight loss Clinic which was developed by Dr Catherine Baccus, a General Practitioner in Melbourne. She developed the clinic to help her patients who were struggling with weight management and wanted evidence-based solutions. She then developed the Valita program which is an education and consulting platform for GP’s with an interest in bariatric medicine. The Valita App Is an interactive patient mobile App which the OHWC uses to help their patients achieve their weight loss goals.

To lean more visit

I have tried so many times before to lose weight but have not been successful, how is this program different?

At OHWC we understand the science behind body weight regulation and all the ways your body fights against you when trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss. Through a personalised and evidence-based approach we aim to counteract these changes through diet, lifestyle and medications to achieve meaningful and sustainable changes.

I have lots of medical issues, can I still attend the clinic?

Yes, as trained GP’s and bariatricians we specialise in obesity management and the management of weight related conditions. At OHWC we will develop a customised management plan and will work in consultation with your GP to ensure your medical care is personalised and safe for your unique situation.

I have complex medical needs. Can I still access your care?

Yes! Our bariatricians are specially trained in obesity medicine and the management of weight-related conditions. With each new patient we conduct a full medical assessment, consider your current medications and create a treatment plan tailored to your specific situation. We can also arrange case-conferences with your GP and treating team members to ensure continuity of care and that all your health care needs are being met.